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Can I smell the perfume before buying?

Absolutely! If you purchase the Starter Pack, you will get three HARVM perfume samples to try at home. You will find a voucher with the same value (40.000 IDR) to purchase the full bottle. In other words, once you find your favorite(s), the Starter Pack is on us.

How do I know which one is my Scent?

The most important thing is to be comfortable with the scent. You will see the scent change during the day because it develops with your body chemistry. Ask yourself, can I enjoy the evolution? Do I feel happy when smelling the whiff of it? You know the answer.

What is the best way to spray my perfumes?

Honestly, there are no rules.
But we have some tips for you:

Tips No. 01. Hold your bottle 10-20 cm from your body, and press the sprayer with your index finger. You can spray as much as you want! However, listen to your body and mind because your perfume evolves with you, and pay attention to how much perfume you spray to make yourself comfortable with the scent.

Tips No. 02. Another way to wear perfume is by spraying it a couple of times in the air above or in front of you and walking through it. The mist will get into your hair, clothes, and skin as you walk through it.

Guess what? You can combine tips no. 01 and no. 02 at the same time! 

Where is the best spot?

Anywhere! Again, there are no rules.
However, we suggest spraying it on your wrist and arm because we tend to move them a lot. Hence, you will get the whiff of your perfume during your activities.

Next, try spraying it on your neck, at the back of your ears, and in the middle of your chest. We bet your closest will be happy to be near you.

A little tip, moisturized skin holds the scent better. So, you might want to apply unscented body lotion before spraying your perfume on the skin.

By the way, you are also allowed to spray it on your clothes. In fact, the scent will last longer on fabrics. Good news, our perfumes will not stain your clothes because we do not use colorants.

Will I smell the perfumes for a long time?

On average, our perfumes last for 4-8 hours. It can be more or less mainly depend on two things:

1) Your body odor. Your diet and your activities will affect your body odor, thus the performance of the perfume.

2) The fragrance profile. Each perfume is formulated differently to give a certain ambiance and feeling, so it is expected to perform differently.

Can people around me smell the perfume too?

Yes, for sure 
However, we do not want our perfumes to be too aggressive and disturb people around us. To avoid that, we tested our fragrance in different concentrations. We worked on the most comfortable concentration that still offers excellent sillage and longevity. 

Our perfumes are all Eau de Parfum, but each variant has a different fragrance concentration. Please find the information about each perfume’s concentration on their respective page. 

Is it safe to spray the perfume on my skin?

All our perfumes comply with the IFRA Standards and are BPOM certified, so they are safe for humans. However, there is no harm in testing it first on a small part of your skin because, you know, we are unique (so each skin is different). 

If your skin reacts to the perfume, do not worry, an allergic reaction sometimes happens, but it is not life-threatening. Simply wash the spot where you spray the perfume with soap and water.

This is why we always advise you to test the perfume’s compatibility (any perfume) with your skin before purchasing a full bottle. In fact, the discovery set is made for that reason too.

Get our Starter Pack here.

Are HARVM perfumes tested on animals or contain any animal derivatives?

Nope and nope.
We do not test our products on animals or include animal derivatives in our fragrances.

In fact, ingredients that come from animals are mostly banned or strictly regulated. Thus it is rarely found in perfumes these days.

What is the best way to store my perfumes?

Two big enemies of fragrance are the sun and heat. So, remember this:

Keep your perfumes in a cool and dry place, away from the sun and heat. Think about your cupboard or cabinet. If you want to display your perfumes, make sure they are covered or in their boxes (to avoid direct sunlight).

Are you a perfume collector? Maybe it is time to invest in a dedicated chiller/refrigerator for your perfumes

Do HARVM perfumes have an expiration date?

In general, perfumes do not have an expiration date in the sense that they will not harm us if they are kept for a long time. However, perfume can get oxidized, which will cause the smell to change.

On average, perfumes need at least one year to get oxidized. It could be less or more, depending on how we store them.