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It is not just a perfume
It brings back memories

Welcome to HARVM

We believes that perfumes, rather than being fragrant chemicals, are bits of nostalgia and shadows of previous experiences,
portals to memories capable of bringing back feelings, slices of life, and strong emotions.

It’s an experience – It is unique to each individual, as it becomes a part of their identity, reflecting their personality, style, and mood.
It’s a message – An invisible message from the perfumer to person wearing it, and from the wearer to the world at large.
It’s a nostalgia – It conjures an old memory that sends that back in time. One might struggle to remember the appearance of a childhood classroom, but one sniff of a similar aroma can take us straight back to the Play-Doh and exercise books.

Scented Memories

Perfume is a whisper of enchantment, a subtle spell woven into the air,
a fragrant reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest of things.

What they say about us

Angga Henfer
    Angga Henfer


    Enak wanginya, cocok sama gw. Sprayernya juga bagus nyemprotnya. Request yang wangi citrusy dong 😀

    Andrey Manalu
      Andrey Manalu


      Awal disemprot wanginya manis, setelah dry down baru terasa bau vanillanya. Di kulit ga panas, orang kantor bilang baunya enak.



        Makasiii, decantnya udah sampe. Wanginya enak, ditunggu launchingnya yaaa. Ga sabar mau nyoba varian lain



          Wanginya fresh elegant, hangout able, a bit versatile, dipake kondangan atau kumpul sama temen oke